Scaly, Cracked Skin – Yikes!

Scaly, Cracked Skin – Yikes!

Benefits of dry brushing

By Anu Prestonia

Winter takes a toll on our hair and skin, and heightens the need for luxurious grooming. When was the last time you dry-brushed your skin?  Dry-brushing is an ancient exfoliating beauty practice that renews your skin by removing dead, dry skin cells and cracked skin, and stimulating the lymph glands. Dry-brushing – which is different from wet exfoliation – can leave your skin looking and feeling years younger. Also, once you dry-brush your skin, it is much easier for the oils, lotions, and creams that you diligently slather on to be absorbed!

Infographic: Benefits of Dry brushing

To start with, the brush bristles should be firm, however, each person should select a brush to their own liking. I used to spend a lot of money on Japanese body brushes with long wooden handles, but the bristles would wear out and the brush would need to be replaced too often. I now use more affordable fruit brushes which are easier to replace. In fact, you may want to build up to the firmer fruit brushes. Loofah gloves are another option, but again, use the glove dry rather than wet. Your brushing strokes should be in one direction only: upwards towards the heart, not downward, and certainly not back and forth. 

When brushing the skin, you may be startled by the ash caused by sloughing off dead skin cells. So, afterwards, rinse off with a shower, or soak in a tub and allow yourself the experience of feeling a heightened tingling of your skin. Then, apply Anu Essentials Luxe Body Oils for the most beautiful results. In this way, you are helping your body renew its cells more quickly. This practice should be done at least once a week.

Fair warning: at first, brushing your skin may not be the most pleasant feeling. However, the more you do it, the more your skin will become used to this stimulating and invigorating practice. Its beautiful results will keep you returning to this tradition and building it solidly into your weekly care routine.

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