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We celebrate the vibrancy of our years and encourage a nourishing space for unapologetic black women to find their tribe, camaraderie, and resources after age 50.

 By offering savvy resources covering finance, wellness, beauty, style, leisure, and relationships. Our topics aim to uplift and encourage authentic discussion and connection- so please join us soon!
We are your tribe.

Dedicated to harnessing our wisdom, prowess, and grace

Modeling a future for the optimistic aging black woman to embrace and honor where she's been in order to feel confident about where she's headed.

Long Beach-based Fifty Nifty and More, materialized from an organic connection between co-founders, Aingeel and Barbara, bridging a gap between generations and sparking heartfelt mentorship and support toward preserving intergenerational ancestral wisdom.

Their collaboration is rooted in sharing great wisdom as fuel to empower women to ascend towards their ideal version of themselves, all while harnessing new skills and building strength through community.

women embracing age and encouraging transformation.

Barbara’s lifetime commitment to the human experience and her journey as a mentor in various fields has been invaluable in her relationship with Aingeel and her desire to seek out empowerment throughout life’s stages. Currently at the age of 79 and inspired to create a space where elders can be celebrated, supported, and seen for the treasure they are to this world, their partnering to build a tribe that celebrates the pillars of community is an enriching path to uplift one’s development and illuminate the way for others.



As a 40-something artist and entrepreneur, relishing in the thought of having been called an “old soul” since youth, sitting around and bantering with her elders naturally led Aingeel towards a progression in life that continued through service for Mature Radiant Black Women.

Aingeel Z


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