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Handful founder Cary Kim, a 17-year late stage 3 breast cancer survivor, was gracious enough to provide our Tribe with a $250 Gift Certificate! We want to share the generosity with someone who may need it.

Handful Bra Giveaway

Two ideas for luscious summer kisses:  try a DIY lip scrub, then snap up the most luscious looks for Melanated lips from brands created BY Black women FOR Black women.


It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of any home, and we agree. But with life-changes, the role of the kitchen may change, too. Declutter and uncover new potential for yours.


Arlinda McIntosh, creator of the Sofistafunk clothing line, makes getting dressed– she doesn’t call it dressed “up”– a party, every blessed day, and you’re invited! Why dress drab, when you’re so fantastically FAB?


Coiffure artist and hair colorist Chisa Wills on nurturing the splendor of silvers, the fierce fly-ness of short styles, and the liberation that comes with The Big Chop.

Silver Foxes

Celebrate the expanding palette (finally!) of concealers made for the melanin-blessed. Just a touch of just the right shade can minimize scars and banish dark undereye circles, along with other common complexion complaints.

The 8 Best Concealers

Shoulders are for more than carrying our burden. They are a spot on the anatomy that’s slow to show age. Keep yours strong and supple, and show them off in something strapless.