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Jewelry is more than an accessory. It is a story. Harwell Godrey shares hers with us this week.

Power Adornments

Style isn’t just personal preference. There’s a history behind it.

We Get it From Our Mothers



Why wait for spring? Kick off the New Year with a closet refresh and revitalize your wardrobe!

Fresh Start Fashion

We are so over the “minimalist” thing, aren’t you? It’s time to get
festive. So reach for the fierce, the fiery, the lush, the plush, and the deluxe, and
shake a tail feather into 2024!

Get Your Holiday Glow Up!

Handful founder Cary Kim, a 17-year late stage 3 breast cancer survivor, was gracious enough to provide our Tribe with a $250 Gift Certificate! We want to share the generosity with someone who may need it.

Handful Bra Giveaway

Two ideas for luscious summer kisses:  try a DIY lip scrub, then snap up the most luscious looks for Melanated lips from brands created BY Black women FOR Black women.