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I became a mother at an age that the medical field describes as “advanced age.” That has made me think seriously about how I parent and how old my child will be when I want to retire! It also reminds me that there are many grandmothers out there raising their grand babies. In today’s dynamic […]

Nurturing Generations: Essential Tips for Grandmothers Raising Their Grandchildren

This week’s blog details love, specifically why we need it and different ways to get more of it.

Getting More Love In Your Life

Dr. Lou tells us how to love ourselves despite situations we may have found ourselves in.

Don’t Be Afraid to Love

To thine own self be true. Love you. Then love some more, and love others. Self-love tips for today and always.




Make a decision that will truly last.

No New Years Resolutions

My Sisters. We are in the season to stop and be grateful!  Our lives are filled with the culture of gotta go.  Got to go to work.  Got to go to church.  Got to go grocery shopping.  Got to go to a meeting.  Got to go pay the rent.  Got to go to celebrate – […]