With Eva Jane, Creator of The Makeup Bullet™ HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge

Eva Jane applies makeup with the MAKEUP BULLET

Atlanta-based makeup artist Eva Jane Bunkley is a two-time Emmy Award winner who lives by the mantra Making Beauty Easier ™. 

And can we just say “Amen” right now? Because let’s face it: when we’re young and our skin is taut and juicy as a peach, packed with collagen and elastin, makeup is often just gilding the lily. A pat of concealer over an occasional teen blemish may have been as heavy as it got. The rest was often as easy as a swipe of lip gloss, and a quick winged cat’s eye, and ‘bye!  

Eva Jane’s dedicated to the idea that applying and wearing makeup should always be easy, and joyful, at every age. To that end, she created The Makeup Bullet™ HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge, among other innovative tools that will simplify your makeup routine and give you reliably gorgeous results. What we especially love about the Magic Bullet: it fits right over your finger, looks cute, and you don’t have to wet it. This means that the consistency of creams and gels will stay constant, and never be watered down by a too-wet applicator, especially relevant for mature skin which may have dark spots and changes in texture, and needs even coverage.

We reached out to Eva Jane about three challenges in particular: skin tags, facial hair, and permanent makeup. Here’s what she had to say.


 I very much want to speak from personal experience of a 50+ woman with a 50+ husband. Ironically these questions have been part of recent discussions I have had with family and friends that find ourselves dealing with aging and endeavoring to look, feel and present our best selves. Skin discolorations, moles, and tags seem to crop up more frequently, and because the longer you are on this earth and don’t deal with them as they come, then one day you look up and your relatively smooth, clear complexion is now dotted, spotted and mottled with several kinds of skin imperfections that altogether make you appear old and worn. 

My suggestion is to not succumb to the onslaught, but to at minimum have a basic daily skin care regimen to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize your face and body. For discolorations and blemishes, skin bleaching products are available over the counter which may provide slow, subtle fading, but my suggestion is to seek professional help for more effective results. A dermatologist or licensed esthetician will have products and techniques that give faster more effective results for issues such as skin tags, scar reduction, cystic acne, etc. Of course, these types of professionals are typically an out-of- pocket expense, but come with greater understanding and expansive knowledge of which treatments work best.


I personally feel that the older I have gotten, the hairier I have gotten! It is frustrating because I have friends who have moved in the opposite direction. Aging affects individuals differently. For this reason, I just inquired with my doctor yesterday if laser hair removal could work for me. I have done the research and know it can, but her personal story solidified it for me. When done by a professional, it is a safe and effective method to remove unwanted hair by destroying it at the root. For those with more pigment in the skin and coarser hair, it may require more treatments. It is performed in cycles because the hair grows in cycles, but I personally am looking forward to less waxing and shaving so I don’t mind having to visit a few extra times if needed to achieve the results I want!


I used to offer the service of tattoo makeup and, as with anything in life, there are pros and cons. Mineral pigments are used for tattoo makeup which come in natural hair colors (as opposed to ink which can change color, i.e. black ink turning blue over time), and eventually those mineral pigments fade as they are absorbed by the body.This process could be over weeks, months or years. Some people’s systems “eat” the pigments right away and they don’t achieve lasting results. For those who hold on to the pigment, then it is a situation of still liking and being pleased with the look as the years progress. I believe less is more when it comes to pigment, because you can always add to a look, but once it is there, it is there. As we age, our face may experience sagging, so those eyebrows that once looked bright and inquisitive can look sad and brooding. If the brow was tattooed, the option of drawing them a bit higher may not be possible without covering the existing permanent brow. That said, the tattoo process may be semi-permanent for some, and a more permanent effect for others, so make sure that if you choose to go that route, you entrust your results to a professional whose work you’re completely sure of. That way, you’ll be to be able to proclaim, “I woke up like this!”


I am not a makeup police person, but I do have personal opinions on what looks good as far as makeup goes. I have seen some rather extreme looks where I can tell the person wearing them does so with confidence, and is old enough to know it is different from everyone around them. I draw the conclusion that they WANT to stand out, so Bravo, Sis! 

If I am in a situation where a person like this sits in my makeup chair, it is still my job to make them feel comfortable with how they look when they get up. Sometimes, I may offer a suggestion to modify their look that they are okay with. Then there are times in doing my job that I don’t have to agree, because my job is to make the client happy. By the age of 50 and beyond, we as women have likely established our personal brand look. I think you should do your makeup in a way that makes you feel good when you present yourself to the world so you can feel authentic and joyful. If you aren’t content or don’t know what that is yet, then book a session with a beauty professional to go over some look modifications, find products and learn new techniques so you are able to achieve a look you can become skilled at duplicating.




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