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Being a lifelong educator has its advantages. You learn how people think, thrive, and make changes. For some, this is their true life’s calling. For others, it’s just a stepping stone to what really matters and a catalyst for where you’re supposed to be. For Yvette Temple, it’s both.

An award-winning educator, saleswoman, and now crafter learned how to pivot into her destiny. That’s a befitting title, as her company, Dystined2Shine has been around for over 7 years. Dystined2Shine came from a desire to leave the classroom and do something different, seeking other opportunities outside of the classroom.

“I had no interest in going back to school for certifications, tech, or more advanced degrees. I didn’t know what I could do outside of the classroom with my education degree, and at the time, there were thousands of teachers on strike across the country, fighting for something better – work conditions and pay. Many of them were also looking for other opportunities and didn’t know what to do. My experience in direct sales turned into something bigger.“

Over the years, Yvette has been at the top of the class in direct sales – from selling Partylite candles, AVON, Taste of Home kitchenware, and Traci Lynn Jewelry, where she really discovered her knack for getting people to realize their potential. Although this was great to supplement her income and passion for working with people, she quickly realized as a leader in most of those organizations, it was always someone else’s business, not hers. In each case, her goals eventually stopped aligning when the companies would change direction.

Fast forward to 2016. Dystined 2 Shine initially started as an inspiration on productivity, where she showed teachers who had too much on their plate how they could utilize their time to find their purpose and passion outside of the classroom. The goal – Encouraging other people to reach their highest potential. That’s when she created the BADass Goals concept – Big Aspirations and Dreams for those dedicating too much time to the classroom and not enough time to themselves. As a result, The Teacherpreneur Coach was born.

In 2020 when everyone was confined to their homes, Yvette capitalized on this opportunity to reach teachers across the country. Once people saw her creating things online, a following started. This opened the door for her to teach classes on productivity, host online webinars, create ebooks, and a course, sharing her expertise through her online group, The Teacherpreneurs Lounge. When things got better after the pandemic, she created a Teacherpreneurs conference, bringing teachers together to connect in person and have access to industry leaders that could share their expertise and build their online businesses. 

“I loved working online. I had the opportunity to work with people outside of my direct community. Teachers across the nation were going through the same things I was, and I could help teachers that needed my help.”

Yvette walked away from the classroom in October 2021. It was the 4th time she had been to the ER without getting any answers about what was happening and why. Her health was at its worst, from flareups to consistent headaches. Mental and physical burnout had taken over, with dizziness, exhaustion, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression as an ongoing battle. 

Initially fearful of resigning, she hesitated for about 15 minutes, clicking yes and then hitting the cancel button. It takes courage to walk away from something that gave you stability for over 28 years. 

“It was my job all my adult life. I realize that it can be unconventional to walk away from something like that in your 50’s but we only have one life to live, and I was determined to live out my dreams, no matter what it took. “

After deciding to prioritize her health and contemplating through many days and nights, she wondered if it would be the right choice. For her, it was. She recognized she needed to do something different and there was something else out there for her.

Dream – Do- Now

That’s the name of her crafting business, where she’s in total control, putting the same smiles on her customers’ faces as she has every day. When the coaching business started to dwindle during the pandemic due to her health issues, she found someone on TikTok who talked about adult coloring books. This started her road to recovery. Then, she started following people online that were wreath makers, further sparking her interest. As a creative, this was something that really caught fire. 

Now she creates wreaths and other home décor full time, with regular and custom sales coming from TikTok, Facebook, word-of-mouth, and more. This concept isn’t just about designing home décor for people, but she wants to help other people build their businesses around their passion for home décor and design. 

“I’ve always been crafty, but you never think you’ll end up in the place where you really want to be. That’s divine intervention. A year later, I’m consistently generating income that increases every month doing something I love – something that I didn’t even know I needed. Something that calms my soul, fuels my creativity, and reminds me that when you are walking and working in your purpose, your gifts absolutely make room for you.”

Words of wisdom: Always get the help you need. When things started, Yvette worked with a coach because she didn’t know how to navigate the online space. It was something new, but it created a community where like minds could come together to realize and work on their dreams.

For people considering following their dreams. Dream. Do. Now. There will always be a reason why you can’t, but it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do now.

To get in touch with Yvette, visit her store at, her website, and download her holiday guide at

  1. LaNedra says:

    I have bee connected to Yvette for a few years now and she is AMAZING! Her passion and determination have been a great source of inspiration as I began my teacherpreneur journey.

    I am so proud of the moves she’s making and look forward to watching her continue to SHINE!!!

  2. Jody Lynne says:

    Her creativity and 3D wreaths are beautiful. Truly talented and able to collaborate to create what the buyer wants . She goes above an beyond to create fabulous works of art in her wreaths !

  3. Debra Banks says:

    What an inspiring story. So admirable that you discovered your destiny. Live your fabulous life! 👌

  4. Gale Gibson says:

    This a remarkable story about pushing through and following your destiny. I am thankful for the reminder of Self Care. Many teachers making the decision to leave the profession should know we are possessed with many talents that can take us far in life. Yvette found her niche and is succeeding proudly and gracefully. Thanks much for sharing her inspiring story.

  5. Karlene Allwood says:

    This is wonderful, such a remarkable lady . Yvette you are a ‘ Rockstar’

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