One of the gifts of hitting the mid-century mark is the gift of sharpened focus, purpose and vision. We explore the rekindling of life-passions among empty-nesters and other women of age and substance.

From pointe shoes to law school to the bright lights of Broadway, producer Donna Kuhne-Walker’s dreams continue to evolve, and she grows right along with them.

Lights, Camera, Miss Donna!

In our age of book banning, indie bookseller Nikki High challenges cancellation with inspiration. We recently caught up with Nikki, and her candid insights may inspire you to join a book club, or start your own!

NIKKI HIGH on books

Dr. Norma Hollis is an authenticity coach who shows individuals and organizations what it means to be real. In our candid interview, Dr. Hollis shares that the universe, including our own bodies are always talking to us.


And not just your literal sexy-sexy. Podcaster Carla Palmer talks about being robbed at gunpoint (six times), the difference between happiness and joy, and how she reclaimed her best life with a jump-rope.

Get Your Sexy Back!

Charlene Uresy gives vibrant new life to discarded wooden furniture pieces with her electrifying interpretation of African symbols, captured in freehand acrylic painting on the surfaces.


Dr. Lisa Williams, a mom and former professor, creates award-winning coloring books and dolls to show the beauty of every child.


As the first Black Rockette, Jennifer Jones’ sky-high kicks at the 1988 Super Bowl half-time show kicked off a new era of inclusivity for the iconic dance troupe. Since then, she’s inspired women at her fitness studio and is authoring a memoir.

Black Swan: Jennifer Jones Soars Again