Every kind and every flavor, from uptown Saturday nights to a Sunday kinda love. Family and friendship, as well as finding red-hot romance in mid-life and beyond.

One of the most crushing online experiences today is to be “unfriended.” Ouch. Sometimes, it’s even sisters before misters, because to be a friend, and have a friend, nurtures your soul like nothing else.


Love is a many-gendered thing. Our Dr. Lou offers wise and compassionate insights into loving relationships that defy social expectations and conventional limitations.

Same Gender Love

Love is divine and if you have found the love of your life in a younger man – I say – “Let your friends and relatives eat cake because they are just jealous.” Peace and blessings on your fabulous “Cougar” Love, Dr. Lou


Life is like a river, always moving on, and our sexuality is part of that dynamic flow. Dr. Lou, our wise-woman columnist who writes of love, sex, and intimacy, shares her latest observations on Eros at mid-life and beyond.


I am a proud Black woman and excited about this new time in my life. Truly, as my grandmother use to say: “The Lord writes straight with crooked lines.” Who would have thought I would be writing about Love on the Fifty Nifty and More site?


Many of us experience a void by mid-life and into our later years. Maybe we’re empty-nesters, widows, or both. Maybe we’ve lost more than one cherished parent, or friend. Take heart: there’s much love out there!


We will explore how we love, the gift of love, and what we do about love in the coming issues. Knowing love in all of its forms, and truly understanding love, regardless of how it is expressed, is for sure one of the sweetest rewards of having lived a long life.

Welcome to the Love Zone!