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May 5 is always a great party, and in Mexico we say “¡Viva Mi Linda Raza!” — long live my beautiful people. But what many Americans and many Mexicans don’t realize is that Black people, descended from stolen Africans brought to the Mexican coast in bondage centuries ago to work the sugarcane plantations, have long played a significant role in Mexico’s culture. The unmistakably soulful African vibe is present in music, dance, cuisine, and dialects, so in celebrating “La Raza,” know that you’re part of it.


Vacations are supposed to be an escape from stress. Great escapes begin with the bag itself (we recommend a 4-wheel spinner), then strategizing the contents. Check out our top tips for packing the ultimate carry-on!


How to find happiness We value many things in this life, but among all of these various currencies, including beauty and money, the most precious by far is time. As women standing in our fifth, sixth and seventh (and beyond!) decades, this realization may feel stark. Lost time cannot be recovered. Young women typically have […]


“We’re hidden in plain sight. Locals call us a hidden gem, especially for people of color.” The Wellspring Experience is an intersection of luxury, tranquility and culture, designed specifically for guests seeking a retreat from the noise and stresses of life.