50 Health Tips

50 Health Tips

Some tips from the vibrantly vegan 72-year-old, self-made powerhouse entrepreneur CHEF BABETTE on living healthy, happy, and long. She says, “Love your vessel!”

START.  NOW.  “Just start!” she says. “If you’re out of shape, fine. If you’re overweight, fine. Don’t punish yourself further, because being out of shape and overweight, as most Americans are, is punishment enough. Self-hate doesn’t help. Just start wherever you are.”

JUMP-START WITH JUICE. “The first tip I give anyone is no matter what you choose to have in your diet, start your day off with something green. Juice! Before you start loading your body up with foods and drinks that have no nutritional value, give it something green.”

RETHINK PROTEIN. “We all need to back off on the protein,” she says. “You don’t need anywhere near what McDonald’s says you need. Are you Serena Williams? No. Okay, are you breastfeeding? Pregnant? Most likely not, but if so, I’m impressed! So, the 46 to 68 grams daily usually recommended is way more than you need.”  

WALK DAILY. “Go one mile, then two miles, then add power-walking. Add a few sit-ups, squats or leg raises. Use the street, the park, and your own home as your free gym. Gradually up the ante, and reward yourself with something other than food.”  Non-food rewards: a nap, a massage, fresh flowers, a useful kitchen item, a silk pillowcase, a theater ticket.

DON’T WAIT.  Don’t wait to start eating cleaner and greener, or getting some exercise, just because you want to look cute in your shorts or tights or whatever. “Waiting will not make you cuter. Start now,” cautions Chef Babette.

“Many of us wait until we get a health scare from a doctor before we really take charge of our health. As in, the doctor says, you need to change your ways or die. Why wait? Today’s the right day, the right time, right now.”

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